Here are five of Jonathan’s most popular signature motivational keynote presentations.
All his presentations are customizable to your organization’s desired goal, outcome and audience’s takeway.

Winning Clients’ Loyalty

7 Proven Practices to Convert Clients to Amazing Fans

topic_wclEvery business wants to convert their clients or customers into loyal & amazing fans. Not only will such clients stay with you for the long-term, they will also be your best ambassadors through their enthusiastic, free, word-of-mouth advertising for your organization.

In this keynote workshop, the 7 Proven Practices to Convert Clients into Amazing Fans, embodied in the word “S.E.R.V.I.C.E”, is aimed at helping you discover the “how to”. It is about helping you build and exceed the customer service experience that affects your organization, your people and your personal leadership effectiveness.

Program Objectives

  • Increase your personal self mastery skills in the areas of self awareness & emotional effectiveness
  • Increase your influential communication, productivity and teamwork cooperation of individual vis-à-vis team, both written and verbal communication
  • Develop better customer Engagement, Relationship & Connection for higher retention & loyalty to both internal and external customers
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Global Leadership

Leading with Success

global_leadershipIn a world of continual change and constant evolution, the need for leaders to be equipped with the right leadership competencies becomes even more important. Based on the research done by Marshall Goldsmith and his co-authors in Global Leadership: The Next Generation, this session will identify what tomorrow’s leaders will need to know, do and believe in order to successfully lead the global enterprise of the future.

Program Objectives

  • Learn about the 15 leadership competencies, clustered in 5 groups to successfully lead the global enterprise of the future.
  • Apply the 4Cs of trust to improve the level and quality of engagement for higher productivity and performance.
  • Discover tools and assessments to measure and develop your leadership competencies in order to succeed as effective leaders in a globalizing and competitive business environment.
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Real Customer Care with EQ

How does emotional intelligence work in customer care and employee engagements?

customer_careManagers can easily be distracted by administrative requirements of running a team — and while the emails and processes matter, ultimately service is delivered by PEOPLE.  In the end, skill development, EQ appreciation and relationship mastery contribute the most to retaining talents, employee engagement and your profitability.  In order to build these capabilities, managers need EQ themselves.

The key to building a real customer care culture (both internally & externally) is directly related to the engagement and emotional intelligence skills of the manager. Great leaders and managers recognize the necessity to understand, relate and communicate with a wide variety of people for a great service experience. The great manager also recognizes that each person is motivated and responsive to different stimuli and has different needs.

Program Objectives

  • Achieve personal mastery and ownership in making the “Possibility” a “Reality” for higher employee’s productivity, engagement and loyalty.
  • Build key and meaningful relationships that matter, centre around EQ, in achieving impeccable service experience and breakthrough in interpersonal and business relationship.
  • Learn three different ways to motivate and develop the capabilities of your leaders in delivering real customer care. 
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Imagine the Possibilities

For breakthrough Success in Life, Relationships & Work

topic_imagineMotivational and Transformational Keynote that inspires, challenges and empower people to rise up from their current state and imagine the possibilities and potential that is within them.

It is about experiencing the breakthrough in achieving success in their personal and professional life. Imagine the Possibilities for greater performance, productivity and profitability.

Program Objectives

  • Challenge and inspire the participants to go beyond their self-limiting beliefs in Life & Work
  • Building key and meaningful relationships in achieving success and breakthrough in interpersonal and work relationship
  • Achieving personal mastery and ownership to making the ‘Possibility’ a ‘Reality’ for higher productivity, performance and profitability
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The Power of the ‘R’ Factor

Relationship Matters! The keys to growing your human capital and talents potential by deepening the people’s communication & engagements

topic_rThe Power of the ‘R’ factors looks into how meaningful and high impact relationships & communication can make the difference between success and failure of the a sustainable people engagement and experience in organizations.

This session will help you develop a better understanding of your team and how they can relate to others better through communication, so that they can build better relationships and quality engagement with people, harness their connection potential, reach for their best in applying the power of the “R” Factors.

Program Objectives

  • Managers will gained insights on themselves and others through the Power of Relationship Effectiveness
  • Cultivate the Law of Connection and Relationship Excellence in communicating, influencing and engaging with people
  • Understand and learn the key principles of ‘Serving It Forward’ and how this will help leaders and manager improve the level and quality of communication & relationships in building an organization where talents excel
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Strategic Partners


“We recently had Jonathan lead a series of sessions at our annual Circle of Excellence Programme in Singapore for our top performers from across the world. His sessions received excellent feedback from participants for both impact and the practical nature of his content. Understanding how people process information based on their personality profile is absolutely critical in becoming a more effective communicator. I strongly recommend Jonathan Low for any organisation who believes that developing a stronger EQ is a necessary component of success in today’s competitive marketplace.”Michael A. Schewitzer, Global Head of Sales and Distribution HSBC
“I had the pleasure to engage Jonathan as the Conference Speaker and Facilitator during several postings, among them at the Gran Melia in Jakarta and the Berjaya Hotels & Resorts in Malaysia. 
Jonathan’s enthusiasm, his “outside the box” teaching and approaches, the encouragement to discover and evaluate new and sometimes unusual opportunities and thinking was not only highly appreciated by the participants but also highly successful as it created the base to large improvements in Sales and Service deliverables. Needless to say that I can highly recommend Jonathan to any prospective interested party.”Manuel Locher, General Manager Hospitality Division at Central Cipta Murdaya, Jakarta, Indonesia
“I have known Jonathan Low for 5 years and am always impressed by his ability as a speaker. He is calm, articulate and is exceptional in his ability to inspire trust and encourage engagement. I recently saw him give an acceptance speech as the new president of Global Speakers Federation and he oozed class and great stage presence and lit up the room with a funny impactful speech to a global crowd of 1,800 fellow speakers. It was a truly presidential speech.”Philip Merry, CEO, Global Leadership Academy
“As the organizer for HSMAI Asia Pacific’s Asia Connect Thailand Conference held at the Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok in 2012, I invited Jonathan to be the opening speaker. His presentation was very engaging, creative and well received by those in attendance. Jonathan crafted his presentation on innovation, which was well suited for our audience of hoteliers and other senior hospitality executives. I would highly recommend Jonathan as a speaker or workshop facilitator.”Craig Fong, Chairman – HSMAI Asia Connect Thailand